Edge Animate – DPS Integration

In this new episode of theĀ Piotr On The Edge video series I demonstrate how you can integrate HTML5 animations built using Adobe Edge Animate with DPS-based (Digital Publishing Suite) magazines.

The following topics are covered:

  • A quick intro to Edge Animate
  • Adding DPS navigable links in Animate – using navto:// technique
  • Publishing animations for DPS
  • Placing animation in InDesign/DPS
  • Previewing the article on a device using Adobe Content Viewer


  1. Gigi

    Hi, I am a novice when it comes to coding so I pretty much tried to copy the code that you had (with my own variations, of course) to get the buttons to navigate to a part of my article. It did not work unfortunately (although I got my animation to work in my article, thanks to your tutorial) Now I am wondering, is it that the navto is not supported inside of the same article or is it that I need to change something else in your code?

    I basically changed the word nav1 to the name of my element and the dps_navigation_1 to the name on the timeline (which btw are the same) and of course the navto name…. So I am wondering what I did wrong.
    I would really appreciate your response and thanks for the video, it was really helpful!

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