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Welcome to the

I would like to welcome everyone on my new blog at Some of you may know me from my old site, I decided to move to this new address because I felt that having a buzzword in my domain name wasn’t really the greatest idea. Technologies and buzzwords come and go, and sometimes you get stuck with a word in your blog’s name that may have lost its meaning. That is why I’ve moved to The name is totally independent, and it will let me write about not only technologies but also about my other interests and hobbies. Of course, technology is part of my lifestyle and work so you can expect most of my posts will still be about it, but don’t be surprised if I publish something really unrelated.

You may be wondering what I have planned. Well, recently I have been deep in some HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PhoneGap projects (ugh buzzwords again ;)). So, you can expect a lot of really interesting and valuable content around these topics. :)

Stay tuned!

BTW: Are you curious about why I picked with its TLD (top level domain) pointing to Montenegro? Well there is no good answer. I have been brainstorming about a good name for quite some time. Obviously my last name and even my first name were not really good candidates especially for my non-Polish speaking subscribers (which is most of you). To be honest, even for Poles my last name is sometimes too difficult! 😉